2011 Projects
1. Built a formalized dwelling for Rosemary’s safe house for 12 kids and 2 care takers. Dorm rooms, Boys and Girls Bathrooms, Office, Bedroom and Bunk beds.
2. Established annual charity Christmas party and presents
3. Added 60 children from safe houses working with CHOSA, to our network for Vida Feeding scheme, donations.
4. Added 59 Children Life Matters Foundation to our network for Vida Feeding scheme, donations and quarterly kids fun days
5. Established a network of volunteers, donors and sponsors.

2012 Projects
1. Initiating a big brother / big sister program with our network of kids and volunteers.
2. Building our network of sponsors, donors and volunteers.
3. Annual charity Christmas party and presents
4. Fund Raising Event
5. Renovations to Emasithandane formalized Safe house Nyanga

2013 Projects
1. Winter Boots, Shoes and Jacket drive for children and staff of liltha Labantwana Place of Safety
2. Life Matters annual fundraising event
3. Annual kids Christmas party and presents for children and staff of Life Matters Foundation, Emasithande and lilitha Labantwana.

2014 Projects
1. Through supporting underprivlaged children for over 3 years the Star Foundation has realized that to make a lasting impact on society, consistent work needs to be done by the community that the children live in.
FAN – Father a Nation is an amazing organization that has come to light and been identified as a cause we would like to support.
Father A Nation runs a number of different programmes aimed at restoring and equipping men for authentic manhood and fatherhood excellence. Learn more @
2. Winter shoes, boots and Jacket dive for the children and staff of orphanages we support.
3. Annual kids and staff Christmas party and presents.