The Star Foundation (Star) is a non-profit organization helping the children of South Africa.

The Star Foundation helps a number of different orphanages (safe-houses) that are in need of the basic necessities that we take for granted . We focus our attention on one safe house called: Iitha Labantwana Place of Safety  but we have formed network partnerships with other NGO’s, so we can assist them, learn from them and grow as a foundation.

At  Iitha Labantwana Place of Safety, there are 16 children between the ages of 6 months and 16 years. So far we’ve helped them turn their shack into a formalized concrete building with dorm-rooms, bathrooms, an office and a bedroom.

If we can get more support and donations, we would like to help related orphanages with a total of around 60 kids.

They rely on donations to feed and clothe the kids. If you have anything to donate, please let us know.

In addition, we treat the kids to a fun day out, at the end of each quarter. These days involve getting the children out of their harsh environments and giving them a day all of their own.

We support and donate to: Life Matters Foundation after school litericy and learning programs, Emasithande 45 children / 8 staff and lilitha Labantwana 16 children / 3 staff.

If we can get enough volunteers, we’d like to extend it to other safe-houses and so on.

Please try to get involved, these kids will melt your heart. It’s amazing to feel the warmth and see the smiles from those that have so little!

Regards and thank you,

The Star Foundation.


The story of The Star Foundation

The Star Foundation was started with the aim of assisting NGO’s with their projects, fund raising and much needed hands on support. Initially coupled with CHOSA, a Cape Town based American NGO that does great work in the townships around Cape Town and South Africa, the Friends of Chosa will now be formalized into the Star Foundation(with NGO pending).

The original, Friends of Chosa, has outgrown its informal beginnings and has now emerged into the Star Foundation. The growth and emergence of the Foundation, can be attributed as much to the impressive support received by the Friends, as to the social responsibility to those in need, in Cape Towns informal settlements.

We accept donations of:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Books
  • Toys
  • Household Goods
  • Financial Donations are always appreciated
  • Time  (your line of work or skill set may be useful, speak to us today).

Any assistance that you can give us will be greatly appreciated.